Life After Active Duty (LAAD) is a 501 (c ) (3) nonprofit organization designed to advocate for troops returning home and veterans at every stage of their lives, in particular, their life after active military service. With emphasis on identifying and addressing individual needs. We help them navigate through a myriad of resources and services that we work closely in tandem with collaborative community partners by minimizing barriers so that they can access and receive the services needed. LAAD focuses on the emotional, mental, and physical needs of each veteran through the implementation of innovative and forward-thinking programs and services.

Our Mission
To assist in empowering veterans and their families transition through active military service and building a successful life.

Our Vision
To be a collaborative resource that provides life enrichment programs, mentorship, and coaching, while promoting veterans as productive, contributing members of society.

Our Core Values - Actively supporting our veterans
Aspire - Helping veterans to want and achieve their goals of a successful life after active duty
Care - Supporting and creating provisions that ensure the health, welfare and protection of our veterans
Teach – Giving veterans the tools to achieve their goals
Inspire – Inspiring veterans to believe in a better future for them
Value - Ensuring that veterans are seen as having worth and importance in our communities
Enrich – Enriching the lives of veterans and families so that they may live in peace and harmony

LAAD's goals are focused on ensuring that veterans and families have a life success plan to guarantee self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability. Our three areas of focus include:

• Offering direct support and training for veterans
• Assisting families to empower themselves and strengthen their bond
• Raising community consciousness about veterans through ongoing outreach, education, and advocacy
BONUS: To ensure long-term success, families and loved ones are included and involved in programs to ensure the entire process empowers, supports and strengthens the family dynamic.

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