Life After Active Duty (LAAD) Programs & Services

Beyond TAP- A complimentary extension in the private sector of the Required mandatory 5 day Military Transition Assistance Program before separating from active military service.  Expands on the Pillars of Education, Wellness, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Employment Education. Designed in basic modules, working with individuals and mastermind small groups.

Career Development- provides tools and experiences to guide individuals, groups, teams and organizations to steps to be in alignment with what’s next.

  1. Assessing where you are now on your career/life path
  2. Determining stumbling blocks or problem areas that are hindering and providing tools to work through them to open up to success.
  3. Defining purpose/meaning you are looking for
  4. Incorporating purpose/meaning in our career/job search
  5. Coaching to keep on course and/or make course corrections

Alternative Therapeutic PTSD Modalities- Alternative Multidisciplinary holistic approaches provided by professional experts in their field in meditation, resilience, mental fitness, Brain Training & Optimization, Music therapy, Thought Field Therapy, Certified PTSD service dogs, Equine therapy.  To reduce and minimize the effects of PTSD/TBI and Secondary PTSD.

Aside from the traditional psychotherapy approach, veterans and their spouses now have alternative choices made readily available to them.

Education & Filing of Veteran Benefits- Information on VA Healthcare can be overwhelming and filing for VA Benefits & disability claims can be daunting. Personal one to one and group education to veterans unaware of the benefits and specific programs applicable to their needs and understanding what they qualify for. Provide assistance to those veterans whose applications for benefits to Department of Veterans Affairs have been denied.

Pro Bono Legal Assistance- Once a week pro bono legal service provided by Nevada Legal assistance on housing issues(evictions & habitability) and public benefits(TANF, SSI/SSDI, food stamps, unemployment benefits). They can also give advice on garnishments, wills, health care directives, small claims, probate, criminal record sealing and general civil litigation.

Suicide Awareness & Prevention- SafeTALK classes are conducted to teach participants to recognize a person at risk for suicide and know how to connect them with a person trained in suicide first aid and intervention or similar resources to keep the individual safe. Suicide rates among veterans are 22/day and 1 active duty/day. Military children suicides have also escalated.

Self Care for Caregivers- provides tools to identify areas that caregivers are in need of self-care, techniques to care for yourself and assistance in developing your own care plan and integrating it into your life.

Beyond Support Empowerment Circle – Friendship – Balance – Renewal”. The intention of the circle is to have a place to go to be seen and heard.  To have some fun and to allow the conversation to go where it needs to without being a session of only talking about what is wrong.  We will send them to get support as needed for deeper issues and for information in areas that are needed.

Pre & Post Deployment Re-Entry- to educate/inform employers and managers of activated National Guard/Reservists.  What to expect before deployment, Legal-Human resources rights and regulations.  Preparing the guardsman and reservists for the return, and post return follow-up.

Child Empowerment Program- To nurture, support, and empower the physical, mental and emotional welfare of children and youth whose parents have served our nation.  Youth education workshops, tutoring, youth related activities such as anti-bullying and fusion martial arts.

Education Public Forum Q&A- Quarterly public forums presented in private sector venues.  Professional panel experts engage with the public audience regarding current issues and challenges that affect the military/veteran community.  Civilian community participates to help educate, inform and create awareness of the plight and challenges our men and women face after reintegrating into our community.