FOB Johnson

FOB Johnson is a personalized retreat in breathtaking Bozeman, Montana for Veterans with PTSD, TBI and other war related injuries. We provide a five to six day relaxing peaceful FREE retreat for them. Free of stress, free of worry and most importantly free of cost. Through nature, outdoor activities, and a wide array of things to do we promote healing, bonding, relief and most importantly HOPE. In addition to everything at the FOB, before they come out and when they go home, we provide them with local resources to continue healing and have community and transitional support. FOB Johnson was started in memory of Marine SGT. Trevor Johnson who was killed in action in 2009. It is ran by his parents Tom and Colleen Johnson, his widow Nicki Johnson and many kindhearted volunteers.

 If you are interested in supporting FOB Johnson please go to our website 

We are always looking for volunteers, donors, and other non profits that cater to better our Veteran’s lives. If you are or if you know of a Veteran that could benefit from a trip to the FOB please contact us or call 270-999-5320.